Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A new state, new city

Drove to Ann Arbor today. Here is the art museum on campus. SO WINDY all day.
Made a beeline for the Korean gallery and guess what I found?
This wee phoenix, love. She is funerary ware.
Kozo is soaking in the shower while I wrangle with my computer to prep for tomorrow's lecture at noon at the Center for Japanese Studies. I get very annoyed when computers make my life more difficult. First thing tomorrow, I cook kozo. After that, my lecture and lunch with CJS students. Then I hired a driver to take me to Detroit for my 7pm lecture at Signal-Return. This is my built-in time to sleep, as I am too wound up to do it at night (last night my sleepiness was interrupted because I had to do a phone interview on live Korean radio). And I'll sleep on the way back to Ann Arbor, too, I hope!

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