Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Starting NY hanji week

I got back to my teapot after I finished up everything for my show in Cleveland. The opening was sweet and everyone was really engaged with the stories and the work. The next day, I managed to get kale and a donut from the farmer's market, make kale chips, and see Angela for lunch and a walk. Otherwise, I stayed in bed for most of the daylight hours.
I was sad to not finish this before I head to Michigan next week, but was advised that this would actually be a much more useful teaching aid. Absolutely true! The structure of these weavings make no sense to people who haven't done it before. I left it behind for my week in NY now, though, because I had to pack all the tools and demo materials for my workshops this weekend. It is going to be a crazy time, but I am excited to see friends tomorrow night at the opening. And at this weekend's lectures/workshops (which are full, I think).

I wanted also to share the site of my colleague and paper conservator Minah Song, who recently opened a private practice in D.C. She's incredibly experienced and knowledgeable; we've taught a hanji workshop together, and she knows her stuff inside and out.

My second bobbin winder made it from Sweden yesterday, my paper knives from Japan over a week ago, and I'll look for x-acto blades in town since I couldn't fly with them. I brought extra interfaced hanji in case I had time to find a pattern and sew a new garment. It won't happen for tomorrow but maybe I can pull it off for Saturday. In the meantime, tonight is the most important night: a reunion with my toddler niece!

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