Monday, January 11, 2016

Take three: Week two

Western papermaking and pulp painting, go!
They used a LOT of pulp paint today.
Today's pulps (starting top left, counter clockwise): 2-hour unbleached abaca, blue pigmented cotton, white cotton, leftover light blue kozo, cattail, and milkweed fluff.
My concern is always: do we have enough pellons? Or too many? Since too many means too much paper for the drybox. Though bringing blotters today helped a TON in easing the burden off of the drybox.
The huge bin of stencils and random assorted things like a thong sewn to a piece of netting is full of all kinds of surprises. This one is always popular, the piece of fabric that gives this pattern. Today was fruitful, tomorrow will repeat today but with a lunchtime lecture for another group. Which means ... time to prep another slideshow!

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