Saturday, January 30, 2016

First chapter closed

Our class wrapped up on Wednesday, getting the cases downstairs from the 4th to 1st floor and arranging the goodies to display.
There was one less case than usual, so we had to squeeze three, three, and two.
I forget that students don't know what it takes to put up a show, so I should build this into the syllabus more mindfully. The cases at this point are locked, but smudges need to be removed. Tags are marked but need to be printed for the final.

Ingrid stayed way past the end of class to finish up her solar system: samples of all the paper she had made/decorated over the course!
It's hard to see here, but each planet sits off the page by about half an inch.

This year, we also get to exhibit with the letterpress class! I like that we have walls this time; it confronts visitors more and hopefully they spend more time with the work.
After class each night, I was weaving like a maniac. My eyes and hands and the rest of my body bore the brunt. This is the last tiny one I started the day after I returned home.
Like the ducks, it helps to try miniature versions to get a better feel for how to shape things.
The big loafer was finished the Wed night, the tiny one the following night.
After a full Friday of errands, meetings, catching up, and excellent time with friends, I dunked the mini into the indigo vat today. It got an extra coat of kakishibu and is drying now. Everything has to ship next week for my show in NYC, eeks! Tomorrow will be a long day of inventory and packing, but it will be good to get my art off to its next adventure.

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Velma Bolyard said...

exhausting schedule, but the indigo shoe and the loafer, well, th eloafer made me giggle. next: ll bean.