Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reaching another end

[One is missing because I sent her to return materials to the library and the van left before she returned.] After packing up the paper studio into the Gladiator again to drive back to the Morgan on Tuesday, my students began the book adventure.
They sprawled out almost immediately in the Special Collections classroom in the library and set off to complete 15 or more structures. I did build in a couple more days this year so that the pace was not as hectic as past years.
They also viewed books and objects in Special Collections (in the foreground are blocks for the late Paul Arnold's prints called Ethnic Cleansing, which we think were printed during the war in Bosnia). The prints are in the box, and there is even an accompanying video where he talked about making the two prints. The next day, they visited the art library to see a big selection of artists' books, which is always fun. Kind of like visiting with old friends!
This student had to leave early for her semester abroad, but left behind a sampling of books and papers to display in the two exhibits scheduled for next week and in the spring.
Her namesake and friend sitting directly across from her left her station nicely organized. I like that she used her pulp painted milkweed paper for covers (the circles on yellow in the top left section). I am still so attached to milkweed fluff paper that I would have hoarded it for a while longer.
I've been slow in getting this shoe off the ground but it's further along than this sole that I finished a few nights ago. I only about an hour ago realized how close I am to show deadlines, so I need to scurry off and finish this in time to ship to NYC for photography, and then to the gallery for the show. February really snuck up on me this time.

p.s. - Ed Vermue, the Oberlin special collections librarian, told me about this water filter made of paper!

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