Thursday, January 14, 2016

Approaching an empty vat

Every day, new piles of paper emerge.
Yesterday, Ed came to introduce marbling. BIG HIT. Yesterday's papers were all decorated ones.
They enjoyed the suminagashi, too.
In the meantime, the first duck of the new year has been born! Unloading the drybox here.
Watching Anna marble
and Frank couch paper. Tomorrow is their last day making paper, already!
And even help clean snow off the car in the morning! Learn more about my hanji duck motivation on TV this week—Applause is featuring my work on Thurs at 7:30pm, Fri at 11pm, and Sat at 4pm for Ohio PBS viewers. Later, it will be available online to everyone outside the region. Also, details about my talk in Detroit on March 17 are online at Signal-Return's website. I know I need to prep for all of my upcoming events, but it's so tempting to sit and weave into the night.


Velma Bolyard said...

oh, my, paper and paper and paper and applause!

Anonymous said...

there is definitely no snow piling up on you - busy,busy, busy. Love that duck!