Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Day 2, for the 3rd time

I know, I always have a shot like this. But the shower-classroom never changes.
Interestingly, this group seems to prefer smaller dimensions for their paper. Usually people like BIG sheets. This makes my life easier because we can load the small drybox without any problem. Also, less pulp being zoomed through.
Today they did some lamination with thread inclusions and water-soluble crayon transfers. I showed them a bunch of paper in the morning to ease them into the day, because I knew we were all tired from the first day.
Oberlin's new kozo plants! Located in front of the side of the library. Babies from the Morgan. I like the tall one very much.
I forgot to lock up so I took a walk instead of driving. January has been strangely warm but it makes these walks easier. Tomorrow: beating more kozo, but this time it's the stuff they scraped yesterday. And some attempts to beat cattail (knowing it works better in the beater, but wanting them to have some rougher fibers for inclusions into a vat).

I am quickly realizing that I don't have the time anymore to do the things I used to be able to handle all at once. This includes teaching, correspondence, prepping for future gigs (whether teaching, exhibiting, or whatnot), hustling for future gigs, making art, feeding myself, and cleaning up. That's the basic list. Not sure what is going to fall by the wayside, though they've been falling all the while in the grand process of learning my limits. Time to put my feet in the air for a bit!

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  1. limits are the things that make us bloom and roar. interesting that the students are wanting the size limit...


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