Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Travel season begins again

This party was right before the Morgan benefit, which was very well attended despite the stormy weather. I was fighting off something, and still am, so I tried to lay low until being elbow deep in a cold vat to do papermaking demos. I managed to mat 22 prints on Sunday night but the framing remains undone, which means I have about 24 hours to do it as soon as I land in Cleveland this weekend.
I was also desperate to finish the surface treatments for my jiseung objects. This gourd's first round of marbling on Sunday was not adequate, so I baked it Monday morning (the double walls pick up way more carrageenan than a single wall vessel would) to dry it for another round of alum and marbling on Monday. The car was dropped off for more work and I went into last-minute packing mode before flying this morning. Going home is always nice because it means the only clothes I need to pack are for official things: press conference, VIP meals, and the hanji seminar.
Hopefully the double marbled one is dry by the time Stefan shoots these again in a few days. The right one is doused in indigo, walnut, and persimmon. The persimmon is still stinky, but at least the Morgan gallery is near a paper studio that has plenty of other smells to share. I have to design one more book for that show and then prep for my hanji lecture. I have to admit that I cannot wait for October 16 to roll around: not for another birthday, but for SLEEP.

I read this today and enjoyed it, about using tools and making things with the skills you have.


  1. how ever can i keep up with you?!

  2. woweeee.....so much movement & manifestation from you....I'll bet you're creating a double image as people try to keep their eyes on you !


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