Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pie, work, write

Yuko gave me this perfect gourd cloth from Japan for my birthday! There are more gourds but this detail shows how appropriate it is for me. This morning I rushed off to deliver leftover pie before helping with a car thing.
She also got me an air vase! It comes flat, as a circle, and then you shape it up to whatever shape you like. I was so rude to the waiter at dinner because he was telling us specials and I just kept playing with this.
Yesterday I harvested some milkweed stalks that were worrying me because they were just laying down and I wanted to get the ones that were furthest from the building. When I teach my milkweed class in late November, it will be really cold and no one will actually want to go outside to cut it down.
A few pods were still unburst so I also gathered them to freeze, and the rest I de-leafed and put into this tall bucket. It was still warm out and I wanted to have time outside before it gets cold tomorrow. And rainy.
This is mostly from the back fence line at the Morgan.
I was also rinsing the iris fiber that I had cooked on Tuesday, which turned out to be a pretty big haul.
I went behind Hough (Tom's warehouse) to harvest there, since I probably will be averse to doing it once it gets colder and I definitely won't make my students walk the few blocks there to do it when it's cold. I left a few little ones standing because I felt guilty for taking the habitat away from the milkweed bugs (but they won't even want to hang out on those, since there are no pods). Today, I beat gampi for a job and iris for fun. I pulled the former and tomorrow will pull the latter.

Tonight, I spent hours on a letter of support for the Mills Book Art Program. Alisa wrote about it succinctly here, so I won't go into detail except to say: express yourself in solidarity if you can!

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  1. i only had energy to sign the petition. but i did it. i'm watching milkweed fluff everywhere, thinking of you and melissa.


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