Tuesday, October 27, 2015

On Sunday (I know today is not Sunday)

Rebecca Cross still has her beautiful show up at Praxis and it looks wonderful during the daytime. 
I stopped by on 'Sunday when they have open studio hours (it's so affordable! I highly recommend if you want space to dye, work, etc.) because Pam and Yuko were using the indigo vat. Always love to witness that.
I went to deliver Pam's iris paper that she made. Here is some of my paper from the week (L to R): 100% iris leaves, mixed iris with mostly Philippine "gampi", 100% Philippine "gampi", and 100% iris dried on the table, unrestrained. Yesterday I harvested cattail at Oberlin and promoted my class at their Winter Term fair. Today I have to lay down and go to bed early, but I just got an email from another field station in the area that has lots of invasives they'd be happy for me to harvest! So a little rest tonight = more energy to gather plant material = yay.

Also, my ducks are finally organized in one place online!


Wildnana said...
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Wildnana said...

Aimee...stopped by the Morgan friday to see the show. The ducks are delightful. I love the whimsy of their involvement in life; what fun!