Saturday, October 17, 2015

Done and down

Our show opened Thursday night after a long week of install with no dedicated gallery person. The night itself was a jumble of miscommunication that led to a huge group of ravenous (and drinking on empty stomachs) folks who I thought would be good around art but ended up doing a lot of touching the art. But I suppose that is what happens when materiality is a big part of the work.
The rope is the paper rope I was doing this summer and the line floats by Kristen, ceramic. We're really happy with how this collaborative piece made specifically for this 80-foot-long wall turned out.
Kristen's water wall install took a few days but it looks great (that's also one of her life jackets, printed paper sewn and stuffed).
Ducks, duck photos, and even some nests dipped into indigo.
Kristen's water wall is across from this glorious piece. I LOVE all this color in the middle of the gallery.
My duck books arrived from NY just in time (about NY) and they are so fun. They're in the small room with the star duck of the show, and also framed prints of the NYC trip that she took.
This corner in the front is the Cleveland (Wendy Park) duck prints.
And then, after one person bumped this float off the wall (but caught it before it fell), another man leaned up against it, and it was all over. He ran away (a friend got a blurry cell phone photo and tried to apprehend him, but he had already disappeared). I spent my birthday morning hashing out the aftermath before Kristen left town and then enjoyed the rest of the cold and rainy day with Pam, a visit to GBW's vendor room, and a duck dinner with my sweetie. There's a lot of work left to do to take care of the show, but I learned a lot through the entire process and am looking forward to slightly less crazy days: a whole 2+ weeks before the next event!

For any Korean readers, here is one pre-hanji seminar press piece, and a post-seminar one (there are pictures for non-Korean readers).


  1. The float looks like a water lily. The whole show looks great. I love the water wall, and I really want to see the duck books in person!

    I'm totally going to try reading that story in Korean. I'll probably only understand that there are verbs.

  2. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Happy Birthday Aimee. The show looks wonderful, wish I could see it. I didn't know idiots went to art shows!


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