Monday, October 12, 2015

Home stretch, I hope

I have never had such a whirlwind time in NYC! Family, friends, work, errands, even things that completely dropped out of my head until the last minute. The hanji seminar went very well and I was heartened by the response.
Terttu captured this in the chilly shade after I picked up my work from a photo shoot.
Here they are waiting for installation. After my morning flight yesterday, I took a monster nap and then hastily framed 22 prints. This took many more hours than I would have liked, but that's life.
Waiting for Kristen to arrive (she is driving right now) so we can start installing today for our opening on Thursday. I hope to see lots of people there! It coincides with the National Standards meeting of the Guild of Book Workers, hooray! And for our friends like Velma who won't be there in person, make the wise investment in her new book.

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  1. i so wish i could be there thursday! do you get a nap soon?


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