Wednesday, May 06, 2015

May days

Charity and Mason both had birthdays today! Today was his last day but we'll still see him when he comes to teach workshops. You never leave the Morgan forever. See the pretzel container of wadded up hanji? That was full to the brim after Kristin filled it with failed sheets. I had a plan for a while but didn't get a chance to execute until today.
I unwadded the paper and organized as best I could so I could start cording. I'm trying to make a long, thick rope. It's so much easier cording thin, wrinkled paper. And always fun to make fat rope.
Very uneven, and I haven't trimmed the bits where I made joins (and I may never!), but it's about half as long as I needed. The little bits are what was left from the stash, too small to do much with.

Eventually it will be the length of the longest gallery wall here. Today was my first full day here since last year! I never even left for lunch because so many people brought in donuts and pastries for Mason's farewell. I hit the road at the end of this month so I'm getting all my ducks in a row: the permanent crown is in place, the car goes to the shop next week, and I can finally do something other than my report on Japan research because it's done. Big, happy sigh.


  1. big happy dance. happy birthdays, too.

  2. ---and happy ducks! it is a big relief when they are all in a row. the hanji rope looks interesting, what are you going to tie up?

    1. it's not to tie anything up! it's a collaboration for my 2-person show in the fall....once the rope is done, i'll mail it to missouri and my artist friend will take care of the rest. hint: it's water-related.


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