Saturday, May 23, 2015

A doozy

After completely overdoing it at the start of the week (compounded by not resting enough before that and forgetting that I'm not physically 22 anymore), I got sick. I tried working through some of it, and was demanded at a couple of evening events, so it's gone longer than I'd like, but I still managed to make a few big deckle box sheets with failed kozo.
This one dried outside while we had sun while the others dried inside on slate or under a fan. I was hugely disappointed by the dyed kozo that failed miserably in the hanji vat (I dyed rather than pigmented and yet it still never dispersed well in the vat + was too chunky for even formation and couching). This was my last stab after big hanji and side-by-side washi.
3.5 x 7 feet sheets with huge variation in thickness. All the laying in bed, going through tissues, and not breathing much took me away from preparing for my big trip next week. The car also needs to go into the shop in a couple days to make sure I don't lose any parts on the long haul. I am behind on everything but will continue to put things off for one more day (or two!) because I need to do little finger work (as opposed to big apron, boot, heavy lifting, wet vac-ing papermill work) for some sanity recovery.
Making a bigger basket than the last and maybe the two will have a relationship. Seeing how far the rest of my kaki-dyed kozo goes, and enjoying NOT leaving the house.


  1. BIG paper and tiny baskets seem like good friends. enjoy some time with the trees and birds.

  2. therese1:35 PM

    ohmygosh.....i echo velma's sentiments....especially about the trees and birds.
    ... loving those baskets ...


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