Saturday, May 09, 2015


This is what I worked on last weekend at Yuko's house. Still many more baskets to make. I just saw these incredible clogs, wow. And before I forget: Julie Sirek is looking for clothing/textile donations for her newest work.

I've been busy in the studio. Today, I picked and beat and beat and beat and my body is screaming from all of that standing and picking and beating. I also gave a tour of the Morgan to a lovely family and got great news from everywhere. Like what you see above: Julie set up her own small hanji vat in Iowa!!! And the sheet formation is going great. This is the first official hanji sprout that came out of the Morgan's hanji studio, almost five years after its maiden voyage. Not only that, but another one is near completion at the University of Iowa, at the hands of two of their students.
I finally found these wedges that go into the sides of the hanji bal teul to secure the top and bottom braces. I had promised this image to an Iowa student in March, and then had it on my to do list until now. She emailed me to ask again for them (I never have to be prompted for these things, but now I am that person), and I started to look for them. Not in any of the places I thought they were. I was afraid this would be another case of me losing track of something that turns up a few months to a few years later (I am also now that person), but finally found it in the fifth spot I checked!

I insist on this being a good omen for the rest of the weekend. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

wild and wonderful basket and I LOVE the paper rope, truly a work of art and love!

Velma Bolyard said...

my basket is calling out to her friends: "hey, perk up, life is good, and all that jazz". all those good vibes helping you get things done.