Thursday, May 07, 2015

Light rope

Another long day at the Morgan. Hardly any studio work, but now that spring is here (or summer, whatever it is, this sudden rush from cold to too hot), I figured I should get out more, interact with humans. Especially after so much writing! Charity saw the rope and said it looks like rope but when you pick it up, so light!
 Leftovers from yesterday. I couldn't resist.
 Growing inside the bindery!
Finalizing the freebees I'm sending for gifts bags for the book arts conference out in Oregon this summer. Jim Croft may carry some of my little hanji weavings, so you can look out for them as well if you attend. The last thing that kept me here longer, just to listen, was finding this recent podcast about the Japanese paper balloon bombs! I've read so much about them and have a piece of the paper, but on the radio it comes alive, turns into so many other fascinating stories. I don't like that they say washi is made out of "wood" but I also didn't realize that schoolgirls also had to make the paper (I thought it was just papermakers pressed into overdrive and unusual dimensions).

Really hoping that I get to make paper soon!

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