Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Yesterday was all day drum leafing with a hanji lecture before lunch at the museum and then walking too much to run too many errands afterwards. No pictures because I was so hot and tired and still adjusting. This morning, I walked through the park to get to school, and it was foggy.
After giving a talk about my artists' books and showing some live samples, I started the demo for making paper yarn/thread and everyone was off to the races. Thank goodness for the extra bobbin winders from the fibers department!
She got this really, really quickly. Zip, zip, zip!
They went to the wood shop for scraps of wood and we had some rusty finishing nails and a hammer for anyone who wanted to try a quick hand at a stump loom a la Velma.
After I had made a square of shifu to leave behind as a sample, I got to roam around the museum for a bit. I tested the layout and signage by going in blind and just following wall markers. I always feel so happy when I find the Korean art (though this section was just ceramics, but with some stunning pieces. I liked the contemporary vase with pairs of ducks indicated by fingertips swished through glaze). When I got back, everyone tried making one hanji cord. They were pretty good! And almost everyone immediately dropped to the floor to do it. Funny sight. I turned around and when I looked back, all the heads were gone because they were at table height. An industrious, skilled class.

Aside from busy students and very dedicated staff and teachers, I have to say that a great perk here has been fantastic food. Yu-um all around, and a nice variety. Helps that even though I am not getting enough sleep, I don't have to worry about eating.

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