Thursday, March 19, 2015

Slow goals

There are 288 pairs of strips of kon'nyaku-coated hanji left in this basket (I already corded the half that was in the rest of the basket). The booklet next to it is an amazing little publication from Paper Nao about hanji and washi in Korean and Japanese.
Now that I know I'll have two solid weeks in June to work (aka weave, though I know I might get distracted with other possibilities out there), I figure I should get as many cords ready to go as possible. This is the stash so far.
Though the literal housecleaning hasn't happened yet (but it will soon; I can't live with such dirty floors for long!), I continued my artwork upcycling and purging now that my solo show is over and everything is back. Tomorrow a few things go out in the mail. One piece that I suspected for years was upside down (I even had my photographer shoot it both ways) revealed its true nature today. It took a leak from a past apartment to ruin the top/bottom of it in such a way that when I tore off the damage, the real piece finally emerged. Then I reworked my blue wall so that I can stay calm while laying in bed. Someday when I'm not paying thousands of dollars for dental work, I can spend thousands of dollars on proper framing. For now, clips and dowels and monofilament are my best hanging buddies.

Nothing gets finished as fast as I'd like, but on a brief walk today in the sun, I thought impatiently about how I need to learn some patience.

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