Thursday, March 05, 2015

Final prep day

Tomorrow, Tatiana flies to town and we will set up for our weekend workshop before heading west to Oberlin for our lecture and dinner. It's an amazing amount of prep for a 4-hour workshop, and I wondered today why we agreed to do it in the middle of the semester when everyone just wants to escape to the beach. BUT I'm excited nevertheless (mostly just to hang out with her).
Tom shows off the new store space at the Morgan. Construction has been going on since last year but there is an end in sight. This space used to be the sink-less kitchen and some office space. Now it's a high-ceilinged, carpeted, beautifully lit space with fancy glass French doors and huge windows (not the ones pictured here). By April, everything will be done and you will marvel at the changes!
After getting carried away at the Bolt & Spool stash party, I actually followed through on my tests with old sushi mats to see if any of these fabric samples would work as watermarks. The left one and the top brown one worked. The other one didn't. Charity was kind enough to pick up gorilla glue so that I could add weather stripping tape to our little student sugetas that accommodate sushi mat sus, so hopefully going forward (starting this weekend!), students will be less frustrated with sheets that previously were almost impossible to couch.

After all the Oberlin hoopla, I fly to Chicago on Sunday for a very intense schedule. The only good thing about the time change this weekend (aside from later daylight) is that it will be canceled out by the time zone change heading west. I won't need to change my watch!

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  1. i believe i'm tired just reading this schedule! enjoy tatiana and the wonderful doings.


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