Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another road to equilibrium

[The way up to my alcove room at my Chicago b&b after I returned from Iowa City.] Still very behind on work but feeling a burden lifted now that I have clean laundry drying in the sun. In a couple of hours, I may be booking yet another appearance for a conference but at least it's not far. I am so very sick and tired of suitcase living, and even spent time on Monday morning composing some kind of game for people to guess how long I can actually stay in one place at one time. Turns out I didn't even have time to shape the reward for the winner, because I found out yesterday afternoon that I got the perfect residency, which begins in 10.5 weeks! It was really the only one I thought would fit in with my new attempt to work at home, and will take me to the ocean in Maine. My gift for forgoing winter vacations, I like to think!
Here is some of a huge piece of paper artwork by Julie in her stepson's fancy dental practice. This is on the hygienists' side of the office and spans at least four (maybe five?) chairs. This morning, I had a more difficult than expected visit to the dentist to re-cement my temporary crown. I wish the sounds could be muffled or that I could be sedated for all of these procedures. After shipping a defective phone and failing to find a bank in the area, I treated myself to a croissant and gave up on outside errands.
Right before my last lunch with a friend in Chicago, I roamed a part of town that I had previously only equated with feeling unsafe, crime, credit card problems, and general ickiness. It's not so gritty anymore and I needed a walk. Early on my walk I saw a nail salon and had a sudden desire to sit down for a manicure—unusual for me. I fought the urge for almost an hour while I walked and walked and circled back, until finally indulging. 100% worth it. My last dinner in Chicago was with Deborah and Shawn, so I was excited that I came home to his new trade book on top of my mailbox! Yesterday, I went to Oberlin to pick up my show, drop off paper from the workshop with Tatiana, lunch with old students, see the new printshop, and pop into Kristina's new studio.

I bumped into my old drawing professor, who said that there is no way I'm going to "settle down" unless I can draw people to me. He had told me a few years ago that my body was a library of knowledge about Korean paper traditions, and repeated this idea yesterday, that I can only share all of this embedded expertise if I am out in the world. I do love being out in the world, but I also love being at home. Here's to my 10-week attempt to be here before the next launch.

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