Thursday, January 23, 2014

The noise of brain parts falling away is loud

There is the postcard I designed for my show that opens next Saturday. WHAT?! The opening is in a couple weeks and I am in complete denial. I don't even have my Cleveland mailing list in order. My priorities are completely jumbled as I sit here near midnight with piles of papers all around me, things in plastic bins all around Cleveland and Oberlin and who knows where else.
Today at Oberlin was a total comedy of errors that came from me doubting my own organizational prowess. Three students came early to help me load things from the gym/where we made paper into my car, and then I drove us to the library loading dock to unload all the bookmaking equipment and supplies. I parked, and then came up to unpack. I suddenly panicked, thinking I had left one bag of paper in my trunk, so I sent Student #1 with my keys to fetch them from my car.
Then, we needed another table, so I sent Student #2 and #3 to the gym to get one. Then, I realized that I had indeed brought the paper, so I sent Student #4 to intercept Student #1. Except she went to the wrong parking lot. Then, I thought that the table fetchers needed my keys, so I sent Student #1 to the gym, where she waited and waited and finally called me. Then I called the others, who had found each other and were already lugging the table across campus. The disaster didn't end there, because I forgot to get my keys back, so I was locked out of the classroom and couldn't call for my keys for a while, finally called, waited to get them, and rushed back to my apt to swap out supplies and load my car to get to Cleveland tonight. And eat lunch. AND find out that I had miscommunicated with someone who was expecting me for a meeting that I did not make.
At least my students seem not to be exceedingly perturbed by all the things falling out of my head. I did make it back to Cleveland in time to unload my car, put away the things that had come back to the Morgan a day earlier via van, and pick up mail. Then I got to meet with our fabulous blacksmith to review our bark scraping prototype, which gave me all kinds of ideas about including him in educating all of us about tools. Kirstin was cleaning out her food in the fridge, and was going to trash two old bananas, but I took them from her and calmed down tonight by baking banana chocolate chip oatmeal coconut pecan muffins. I'm still terribly behind, but at least it smelled nice for a while.

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Looking forward to your show!