Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fall down, get up, repeat

On Sunday, I took my first walk of the year. Awful that I walk SO LITTLE, and, of course, I got about 40 paces out before I wiped out on an icy patch of sidewalk and fell on my ass. I hit the same injury site from earlier in the week, and I could have just turned around to lay down but I had to walk. And am so glad I continued! It was amazing that I got to places I had never, ever visited when I was at Oberlin as a student, as close as they are (now they seem close. Then, anything off campus seemed so terribly far away).
I of course saw this and wandered further in.
And wished I met a sign like this earlier on my walk!
I got around the entire tiny reservoir on an icy path but this one around the second reservoir, I skipped. I was so grateful for a Sunday all to myself (Saturday I opened up the studio in the afternoon for a few students), and made a new piece that I am very happy about.
Come Monday, we retired the kozo and they are now in a bucket labeled KOZO BALLS.
This is my first week of crazy shuttling back and forth between Cleveland and Oberlin, but here are some paste papers that my students managed in less than an hour after I hurried back from my first printmaking class at Notre Dame. Tomorrow, a full day of papermaking, lunch with a friend in town, and a board meeting presentation at the Morgan. Plus a work dinner. We unfortunately had two of our accepted interns decline, but I'm still very happy with the two we have slated to begin in a couple of weeks. Would be happier with more sleep and less commuting, but it's always good to meet promising students everywhere.

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  1. my fall had absolutely no repercussions, except wounded pride, and i've managed to stay upright since. KOZO BALLS, indeed! wishing for a nap day myself.


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