Friday, January 10, 2014

A pulpy TGIF!

I survived my first full week at Oberlin! And everyone else, too. Next week will be the real test, as I juggle this class with another one over an hour away. I pigmented kozo today for students and couldn't stop laughing as they struggled with the PMP vs retention aid battle of coagulation. All good lessons, always. Bella is in the corner beating away. She rinsed both batches of Morgan fiber: scraped, and black/green bark. Then, she beat both batches. So quiet, so methodical.
But it was well worth it! She was so very pleased with both batches. The scraped bark gives a pleasing green tone and the super bark-y paper is a lot of fun, too (she is starting that vat here).
Liora and Elizabeth in simultaneous couching mode. Thank goodness for the PVC table risers that Betsy shared with us.
We've sprawled into the entire locker room beyond the small gang shower and changing room space that we are occupying for Winter Term. Because there is no extinguisher in place anymore, I told my students to go ahead and dry onto this door as well. They are so into the papermaking that they asked for weekend time. If I had nothing else to do, I'd give them full weekend days, but trying to be reasonable to my own workload, I agreed to open up for them in the afternoon.

In the meantime, I heard that the classroom where I'm slated to teach next week in South Euclid had a pipe burst and flood and ceiling replacement. !!! There goes the semester schedule, even before it starts. The good news is that we accepted some fabulous interns for the EPS program, and they are as excited as we are to welcome them in February. The best news is I got to take a nap today after class. I am terribly excited for a weekend at Oberlin to make work, catch up on work, and make work.

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  1. tgif's are always good if they're pulpy! yay!


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