Thursday, January 09, 2014

Cleveland day

I was so busy today that I completely forgot to snap some shots while my Oberlin class visited the Morgan. They met Seth, our local blacksmith, who joined us for the tour that I conducted. Then I took them into the bindery to show them my hanji display, and jumped into joomchi demos. After lunch (when a student helped me empty the two pots of Morgan kozo, white and bark, that I cooked in the morning before they arrived), I did a clamp dyeing demo with kakishibu, onion skins, hand-ground ink, and water-based colors. And then it was already time to pack up, load pulp and papermaking equipment for next week's Western segment, and visit Zygote. Eric so kindly invited us to visit the amazing wood engraving show that opens tomorrow for a sneak peek. He did a quick tour of the space plus a lovely intro on wood engraving before I had to run back to the Morgan to conduct two more interviews for our new apprentice program. Then I had the task of cleaning up and sorting all of the (mostly) dry work by my students, packing everything to head back to Oberlin, and then getting trapped inside for a while. This is the second night in a row where I have been locked into the Morgan because of the icy door. Yikes. I finally managed to escape and get through the new snow to unload at least four trips from the car to my Oberlin apt, make an order for my printmaking class that starts next week at Notre Dame, and erase half my inbox (though I know it will grow back with a vengeance in no time).

Tomorrow: one more intense teaching day, and then a breather from teaching, though I'll have to dive right into prep for a new semester starting and tackling solo show artwork! Among other things, like a bit of sleep.

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