Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Here, there, everywhere

Reminiscing, already: this was after I taught one class, drove an hour, took a tiny nap, and rolled into another class to demo paste papers. I'm not sure I'm actually awake here.

I love these pics that Ed took of one of the days where I was out and his letterpress class visited my papermaking class and exactly what he said would happen happened: students taught each other. Love this phenomenon, especially as my students had only been making paper for about a week at this point.
I hung my show all day today. Thank goodness for Pam and Steph, who helped me in the morning and afternoon, and made the process so much more enjoyable (and possible!). It's almost done, and it looks great. I have a monster job of making the map of the show, as I decided against labels. I kept forgetting things and had to go home twice. On my second return, I was told that there was someone I had to meet, a board member. And it turns out it was my friend's husband's college buddy that I had met in the street in Portland this past spring, who was kind enough to take me to dinner with his wife and another couple before I made the decision to move here, to make a case for moving here.

Booked my flight today for San Antonio in three weeks. Tell your friends in case they want to take a weekend workshop with me! It will be fabulous because I will be so happy to be in that climate. And maybe tomorrow I'll get around to booking my NYC flight for the following weekend.

Tomorrow: more hanging, more teaching, more meetings at the Morgan, Tom's opening! No end in sight, especially as I have been assigned three articles to write for three different publications, all due in a month. Someday, I'll get to just hang out in a rocking chair and read a book. I hope that day happens sometime this year.


  1. oh, LOOK at those dangly bits! maybe a rocking chair vacation would work?

  2. Therese7:15 AM

    it will be an amazing show, Aimee ! ...wish I could just blink my eyes and be there to see it.
    best wishes for a sweet opening.


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