Monday, December 09, 2013

The messy

The Morgan holiday dinner was this past weekend, and we got punchy as usual and tried to prank Mason at the dessert phase. There was a big cake that came out for December babies (that includes Tom and Susan) and we tried to disguise some leftover rice while he was in the washroom. He believed it for a while, but realized it was rice before he ate it.

That was a nice break from the over-hectic life I'm leading right now. I finally slept in the new place, after figuring out where the cigarette smoke was leaking in from (baseboard/floor gap!). The very basics are now covered, though I still have no work surfaces. All I can say is thank goodness for friends! Pam came over on Saturday with lunch and company and good sense, Tom came last night to assess the space for furniture (and also gave me the green light to snag towels and china from his stash), Susie provided a runner for the entrance, and so on. I feel very lucky and loved, albeit scattered. I did manage to visit the ArtCraft Studio Show, have a decadent Sunday brunch out, visit the farmer's market down the street, and run errands.

This is my last week before the next two big road trips: Iowa and NYC, back to back. Agh! Today I'm at Notre Dame to prep for my class next semester, tomorrow in Oberlin to prep for January's class, and two nights this week I get artist-friends-gathering dinners. The workload seems sky high but now that I have silverware and a bottle of wine at home, things seem okay. Tea this morning in my one little cup made by Lauren was just right.


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