Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Perspective from start to finish

Because she's not mine, and a baby, I can't post my niece's photos. Partly also because the world would explode from cuteness. But she has these amazing faces that make her look like the wisest old soul that has ever lived. And that helps remind me to calm down. Today at Oberlin, I had the chance to see the late Paul Arnold's on-campus studio, and was utterly amazed. It was like walking into a time capsule of the most amazing sort. I never knew him when I was a student, and by then, his wonderful print facility at the college had been taken apart. But it was incredible to see it as if he had just stepped away for a moment (and a layer of dust settled), and to see prints worked up in different colors, and all the wood shavings on the floor, and and and . . . his spirit is still so present, and that spirit of a working artist is exactly what I need to stay connected to right now.

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