Saturday, December 14, 2013

A blur of days

This will be my first winter driving with front wheel drive and so far, I'm terrified. So much snow today! And so many places to go. If I could, I'd stay home and leave my car in the garage and catch up on all my work. But after the last few frantic days of getting as many things done as possible for various work things as well as moving the last load of furniture, I now am face to face with a long drive to Iowa City tomorrow. Thankfully, Mason and Kirstin will be on the road with me, so the driving load will be shared, as well as the blogging load. We'll do our best to keep you updated via blog, right here.
I picked up lots of lovely food items today at the farmers market (I LOVE being down the road from markets, and find it interesting that this is the third home that is so close), though it has taken all my willpower not to just eat everything all at once. After a home internet installation, cooking, half packing, and half doing work, I steeled myself to try the snow because I wanted to see Bill and his family for punch and cookies. YUM. His daughter gave me a holiday card, which is not shot very well but it is fantastic (one of her drawings is on my fridge, which makes it feel like a real home). He baked all the amazing goodies up above! Now, time to finish the pack before heading to my last lady artists' night out. Let's all hope the weather calms down in time for a smooth and safe drive to Iowa tomorrow!

Oh, and Velma was so kind to point out that my book made it onto a holiday book list! We're down to something like 30 books, so get your first edition before the second impression hits the warehouse early next year.

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