Thursday, December 05, 2013

Progress daily

Mason was busy in the new beater room, beating fiber, getting more furniture ready, using the new shelving he and Tom installed. They are both very proud of the shelving, and it's great to have stainless instead of wood in a space that contains lots of moisture. That vat needs to be refinished, too.
It's so nice and quiet outside even when the beaters are on. Insulation success!
Mason was over the moon about moving the pigments from the paper studio inside. They got lots of other goodies for us, and we may have a potential wonderful new way to dry sheets. I'm amazed at how much has been happening since I've been away. Plus, that huge pickup of wood type and plates that Mason fetched for us from Columbus. There is ALWAYS something happening at the Morgan and I don't know how Tom stays on top of it. I am overwhelmed completely by my current workload, which is nothing compared to what will happen in a month: concurrent academic teaching loads + directing the Morgan's new eastern studio + a solo show that requires brand-new bodies of work. In 24 hours, I will be moving (today was the preliminary furniture and loading of half of my belongings), yet I maintain this schedule of constant meetings and running around town and admin.

I tried to stay sane today by taking advantage of the warm snap to rinse and work outdoors while Mason was on the roof cleaning the gutters, and then pulling sheets of elephant ear paper. I like to think the labor, albeit for a fraction of the day, helps me keep it together.


Bill Lorton said...

Too busy! You make me feel like a sloth. You must take a break for cookies and Oeller's Hotel punch in the next week or two.

mjc said...

Ooh, the beater room! Beautiful. Sending applause to all Morganites and you - and sending good moving karma / energy to you as well.