Thursday, December 26, 2013

Not ready for the speed

I can't believe I'm in NY now and still have not in any way properly processed the Iowa City trip from last week. Was it even last week?? This was shot right before I left the pool hall where we left the kids to hang out (I was getting ill by this point and was dying to get into bed). I've been alarmed by how time has been slipping out of my fingers with alarming rapidity; I think of how life goes by faster and faster as you age, but I didn't expect it to feel THIS FAST in my fourth decade. TOO FAST.

I was fairly amazed by how helpful the forced bed rest was, as well as the forced time away from work. I'm fine in my body now but could use an entire month free just to catch up on work. Alas, there is no free month, and this morning was my last quiet morning to work. Maybe I need to craft more reasonable expectations for a given day with a given human body. The education staff sent me this video from my San Francisco gig just last month, which already feels a thousand years old. My ten seconds last from 2:21 to 2:35. Now, I give up on the electronic work and turn to a book made of paper, before a long day tomorrow in Manhattan. Capped by another visit with the most perfect baby niece I've ever met!

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