Friday, May 03, 2013

Pause to admire

Sorted, labeled, stacked. I had a quiet evening to myself after making some colored small sheets, adding inclusions of bark lace, making more lace after helping Tom beat three batches of old kozo. Slightly slimy but broken down a bit more because it had been cook back in November. It was good to see him finally agree to tackle the big hanji vat and prep a whole load of blue kozo.

SOMEHOW, I got bitten twice on one leg. It's not mosquito season but they know I'm here. It's one aspect of Northeast Ohio that I absolutely despise, but at least I'm wound down for the day after seeing Spencer's art show and going out with my hosts and their friends. Tomorrow: back to big sheets!

1 comment:

Velma Bolyard said...

AH beautiful. a sight for these fluish eyes.

who said it's not mosquito season? they lie.