Sunday, May 12, 2013


I have been in hiding since my return from Cleveland, taking a breather. I have spent a lot of time at the Met. So much that I was on the steps with one friend and saw another climbing the stairs but let her go without flagging her down. I have spent time with lots of conservators lately, book and paper and textile, and it has been WONDERFUL. Though there are huge differences in what I do and what they do, there are also lovely overlaps, like how okay it is to be particular about tools, and particular about details.

I went to an incredible talk several days ago by Yana Van Dyke in the newly renovated Islamic wing of the Met and cannot stop going back (if you can, go to any of her talks!). It's stunning and gorgeous and I love having a new corner of this museum to become intimate with. I also came up against my own ignorance about the field, thinking it's this haven of examining and repairing things. But aside from history and science and technique—oh, the politics. Always, everywhere. Strange to realize that politics could determine how a tapestry is hung or scroll is mounted, but a no-brainer once I thought about it.

Lots of days in my head while getting as close to beauty as possible, and avoiding thunderstorms. I wish I could stay inside, but it's back to work soon enough.

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