Monday, May 06, 2013

Packing it in

Tom's first day with his brand-new screen to make hanji, finally getting the hang of the sheet formation process. I was so glad he finally had the time after all these years to get some serious quality time at the big vat. Now I can retire! Haha.
I finished this book today, no words. Just stitching with no needle, quiet sitting time with the sun coming in through the back garage door.
I have been cleaning everything as I go this past week, even things that aren't my mess. I like this taped message.
This piece is on its side but I sewed it up after making it this morning (pulled my sheets out of the stack dryer a wee bit early but I was impatient). Tom had a violet batch and a blue batch, so I sneaked into both to make laminated paper with bark bits trapped in between, and sewn on top with bark thread. This was a gift for him, called, "Oh, you Koreans". HAHA! [That will be the last of the inside jokes.]
Tom is much more careful with his couching process than I am, much more patient. He also did a batch of eastern/western paper: laminated green cotton with blue/violet hanji. I wish I was staying long enough to see it dry! He parted and dried all his first-round sheets this morning. Mondays are always nice and quiet at the Morgan; it was good to finally return the favor, vacuuming up water and cleaning as Tom worked, the way he takes care of me when I work.

It's always sad to leave Cleveland, but I'll be back!


  1. i'm SO glad you had this respite, a little vacation doing something truly excellent.

  2. Me, too: super glad for the time for you, and it's also GREAT to see Tom at the big vat! I like the look and the title of the bark-lace-inclusion piece.

    (Oh, the blue-tape 'DIP' is from my class last August! Guess I forgot to do that bit of cleaning up, oops).


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