Thursday, May 23, 2013

Off - on - off

This one I love because I had envisioned it in a different orientation when I first made the bark lace and even when I placed it between the wet sheets of paper. But it all came together when I realized I had it all wrong. I wish that I could hibernate during some of my quiet slots of time, when I don't have to travel, as if that would recharge me more than 100%, in hopes that when I overexert myself, I'd have more than 100% to draw from. But that's not how it works.

I did, though, force myself to go to bed early and stay there for 12 hours last night so I would be in good shape to talk to Frank's history of anime and comics class at Lander University via Skype. We had some technical troubleshooting to do at first, but overall it went well. It's much easier to pull art, comics, and books a couple days before, take them to another room, hold them up to a webcam, and then put them away right after the talk. And they got to see my entire Bedhead series! A nice change from the usual antics to get myself and a suitcaseful of samples on a train, bus, train, car, or street to share. Now I can relax and enjoy the thunderstorms.


  1. yep, aimee, sorry to steal your thunder but that IS me; more exactly, my hair in the morning. i always wonder how some folks can braid their hair for night, mine does that wildwoman dance by morning every single night.

  2. Anonymous11:20 AM

    you two are too funny! my hair is so short, flat and skinny it never does anything exciting.


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