Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cinderella was never so happy

I am exhausted from another fantastic trip to the Met to visit with conservators of Japanese and Chinese paintings. Always so much to learn, and in an absolutely gorgeous and well-planned lab. I got to see lots and lots of silk and paper, and to talk with people who understand what I am up to, and to swap ideas. I was over the moon because I was able to bring my hanji shoe on its first field trip! Yesterday I made the little blue/purple basket out of its offcuts (the colors come from Morgan hanji made during my last Cleveland trip). I'll parade the shoe again this Saturday when I give a 6:30pm talk at the Manhattan Graphics Center. If you can't make it, see the shoe from beginning to end here! And, yes, it's meant to be solo. Making a pair of identical shoes would kill me.


  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    --and all she had was a Prince, not an amazing hanji slipper. am head over heels in love with the blue basket.


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