Tuesday, September 04, 2018

September = school

I got started on these baskets last week or maybe a little before that. I'm still not done with the second one but am going a little crazy not being done, so I may stay up doing that tonight. I've been sidetracked with the start of school, which means getting a zillion documents ready. Not only the syllabus, but bibliography, resources, handouts, assignments, projects, books to pull from the library ... it's amazing how challenging it can be to envision the best way to get the info in my body into other humans! And soon, I'll also be a student: in a few weeks, I begin a jewelry class. Very excited to learn a whole new set of skills with materials foreign to me, and enjoy the luxury of being a pupil.
This is sometimes the downside of teaching. I had this needle for years, and it got left behind in a class. I foolishly entrusted the site to mail it back to me, warning them to tape it to a board or something (I thought everyone also knew that you could go to the post office to hand stamp these things rather than sending through the machines, but I assume too many things). It arrived broken, but thankfully, Velma had mailed me a good needle so that I could keep working. I also reached out to my tool contacts for advice, and a bunch of new needles are in transit so that I have options when I teach, rather than letting students use my tools. I still have so much to learn!

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