Saturday, August 25, 2018

Spin spin spin

In New York, I went through lots and lots of old sketchbooks and journals to see what I could recycle (and destroy!). My sketchbooks made of hanji were easy to take apart and slice up to make more thread.
I tried to make netting and thought I had it figured out but upon spending some time earlier today taking mine apart, I obviously didn't exactly get it. But at least I have the tools now!
Can you guess which one was a 10-year-old sample I found in an old book versus the ones I made in the last few days?
And Velma's generous way of trying to change my life: a table loom! I shot from the back because otherwise you'd see my shoes at the front door. Bill helped me get it going but I still need to figure out a few more things before I get started. And spin a lot more thread! And get books to help me. Next week, the fall semester starts: I'll be teaching an artists' books class on Fridays. I even signed up for a jewelry class as I am long overdue for learning more about a new medium. Plus at least three trips out of town, all requiring airplanes. It may be 90 degrees next week but summer is in its long farewell.

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onesmallstitch said...

good luck with the loom - and the jewellery class. very clever cutting up old notebooks, I love the ink patterns on the thread and the little woven squares.