Sunday, September 30, 2018

Time to pack again

I started a jewelry class a few days ago and started to saw brass,
drill holes,
and cut some more. Even though I'll be missing a few classes throughout the fall, I wanted to try something new, material- and technique-wise. Also, being a student is a total luxury!
Melissa reminded me about harvesting milkweed after the equinox, so I had a ridiculous session of rushing over to a paper conservator's garden in the pouring rain to cut down almost 20 stalks. The yield is tiny but here we are, even a bit of coma! I'm drying the scraped bast fiber now and starting to pack for Penland—a one week class making paper with some of my favorite people!

Before that, I've scheduled another harvest and other things (PT, being a student, being a teacher, prepping for shows and workshops and whatnot). Friday, I'll give a lecture on hanji (that includes free pizza). Let's hope that I'm ready to leave the following morning!

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