Monday, February 29, 2016

Fly ducks

I was so frustrated by the color issues with my last blue and yellow duck that I did a quick dunk and go to make a couple mini ones.
They're wet here from methylcellulose but dried just fine. I did these on a Saturday that was bright and sunny, instead of going outside for a walk.
This new family will be split up very soon (part to a solo show in Cleveland, the rest to a hanji residency in Michigan).
The second flying duck had to get put aside for the last bitty ducks, but I broke my "no work on Sundays" rule last night so that I could finish up the wings a few minutes before midnight.
Then it got the last dregs of methylcellulose and dried overnight in the kitchen.
Whee!! This one is much trimmer than the last, but I love what I've learned in the process. It has been a great gift to have this intense time to make make make. Now my home studio has been turned upside down to prepare for this week's show install/opening, next week's NYC opening and teaching, and the following week's Michigan extravaganza. Solitary time has passed, and it's time to fly back into the world.

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  1. good good luck with the travels and all! love the many ducks...


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