Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hanji show open in NYC

I forgot to say that yesterday, the hanji show that I am part of opened at Gallery Korea in NYC.
These are most of my 3D pieces.
And a display of the process of making hanji, with some actual materials that the Morgan and I loaned them.
On the left side, you can see a display of how a piece of hanji turns into a basket.
And I finally got her rigged for a better photo! I'm working on a counterpart now, halfway done with the body, then wings. I dyed some more cords blue to attempt a small blue duck after this one, but have a feeling that my teapot will not get very far before I get sucked into my show install and opening next week, lecturing at Oberlin, and packing for NYC. I'll miss these weaving frantically days when I got to stay inside and watch the snow outside.


  1. it looks great. so MUCH work! and do i see a duck rising from the bricks? yay for inner work, on every level.

  2. Congrats! You got it all done and it looks wonderful; wish I could hop on a plane. And YES the flying duck over the bricks YES!

  3. looks wonderful, congratulations. hope that duck doesn't make a dash for freedom - he is great!


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