Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mostly inside

The snow has been pretty, but it hasn't been really cold. I've been holed up at home for the most part trying to stay on the hamster wheel of applications and weaving.
The bundled strips are dyed (more like stained, since I didn't have the energy to mordant the paper) with leftover plant dyes. I've been feverishly making new cords to keep up with the weaving, but even the weaving isn't keeping up with itself given all I have to produce in the next two weeks or less.
This guy is very, very weirdly proportioned and I have to re-do the tail feathers because I foolishly dyed in dahlia, which is more on the orange side than yellow. Contemplating an indigo dunk, yellow watercolor or gouache, or scrounging around for onion dye. Finished another mini one today and am hoping to finish its mate tonight (I wish I could say I was making more shoes; here are the new pictures of the two that Stefan photographed). Back to work!

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  1. that duck is wonderful, most produce depts/markets will give you onion skins(only need a few)


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