Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oh, friends

Though I will miss the abundant fall harvests this year, I was determined to do something to come home to: milkweed pods are now shoved into the freezer, alongside dahlias and marigolds and hibiscus flowers. I like to think in the dead of winter I can cook those pots and feel a little summer warmth.

I tried to keep my plate light this last week but of course it is laden. Nothing is packed and some folks seem to think that I'm at their beck and call until the moment I get onto a plane. But today was full of treats: a spinach quiche, milkweed, yoga therapy, a postcard AND call from Velma, a talk with a Chicago book artist, bringing my artwork back home, lots of changes afoot. My travel prep is boring, so I wanted to highlight two dear friends that I will miss while I'm away: Yuko Kimura and Pam McKee. Their work is even more exquisite in person.


  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Your work as well as Yuko's and Pam's feed my soul. They are inspirational, soothing and encouraging.

    1. thanks, Linda! Hope to see you next year for more paper fun.


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