Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Left leaning but done

I panicked slightly as I looked at the calendar: only two weeks before I leave Cleveland! ACK. This was one of my Monday tasks, a big sample book of dyes and pigments on paper.
After fixing the back of the head on this second duck, I tried a new method of building the breast, using all of the cords from the neck rather than leaving some in the back untwined.
At this point, I had already fallen into deep despair because I brought the puff off the breast down way too quickly and didn't have the energy or heart to rip it out and start over. I figured the whole thing would be a bust.
But it turned out okay! I mean, there are still major proportion issues (my heads are all too big, but MY head is too big, so it makes sense), but at least I kept the body on this duck longer than the first one. Posed in front of a chunk of one of my other old pieces that could have been a huge bust but somehow worked once it all came together.
Swimming free!! Though it leans to the left (the head, and then it wants to tip over that way, never to the right)—again, just like me. Glad this is done before Korea. Now I have to make a billion cords.


mjc said...

I heart that duck; it's the inquisitive gesture. And I am glad to see a part of that old piece which was decidedly not-a-bust. (I thought you'd gotten rid of it).

Velma Bolyard said...

melissa's right about the gesture. what i also love is your persistence in making this duck, making it duckness. yesterday morning driving from northern maine i flushed a bunch of ducks, all of them so petite and working so hard to get away from my car noise...none of them cared a hoot (quack?) about proportions.

aimee said...

ah, I couldn't get rid of ALL of it. most, but not all! :)