Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I took my first walk through the Cultural Gardens ever this past weekend to check out the One World Festival. It was a gorgeous day and I filled myself with delicious food from at least three different booths. I was a bit ashamed that it took me over a year to take the time to walk in nature(ish). I don't like that I have to drive to get to places to walk, and still have this dream of living the way I've done in past cities and towns: car for travel, feet for everything else because all the local businesses are close.
But soon, I'll be complaining about how sore I am from walking around so much and being on public transportation in Korea and Japan, so really, nothing changes. Today I finally got the rest of my root canal retreatment completed. FINALLY! I hope to never step foot into another dental office for the remainder of the year. I met with a friend this morning to get advice on traveling to and through Japan: I just found out last week that I was awarded a consultancy from the American Folklore Society to go to Japan while I am in Korea and research master/apprentice relationships at paper mills! Very exciting, though it adds a ton more prep to my already anxious plate.
I enjoyed seeing small children dressed up in various ethnic costumes for performances (the Mexican dancers had not yet taken the stage), simply running through the park. I am sad to miss the fall harvests of papermaking fiber, which I was reminded of as Melissa talked about her daylily fiber.
The biggest change is the season shift. It's very assertively fall, and I can feel it in the weather, the sun (and shortening days), the wardrobe, and the number of blankets on my bed. Very soon, I start flying again for what will end up being at least eight flights before year's end. Not quite cold enough to roast veggies in the oven (though I did make muffins last night for comfort), so chicken soup is on the stovetop to get me through the night.


Velma Bolyard said...

it's so exciting aimee, and then there's chicken soup (with rice)!

Anonymous said...

muffins are good! as are chicken soup and tomatoes (I have an over abundance this year). Stay well and take care of yourself.