Thursday, August 21, 2014

Work and play

This was one of Ivey's pieces from Melissa's class. The title is funny ("Orange you glad I didn't say banana?") and the little bit at top was still moving when I shot it. I worked alllllll day, between waking to sleep (aside from a 2-hour meeting at midday) on this bear of a grant. I am still in recovery now; it's remarkable how exhausting these things are, when it's not just you doing it, and when it's all last minute (not my preference, but I'm not in charge). I was happy at least to have caught up with Tatiana, who just finished teaching another great dye/paper class at WSW.
My new books arrived today; I sold out during my last class. The second printing was all shrink wrapped, so less worry about damage! When I felt it was safe to walk away from grant stuff, I pulled some dyed sheets before the studio gets rearranged again for Andrea's weekend class. We cooked what I thought was supposed to be gampi but it looks suspiciously like straw. Bad news because I really need it to be gampi for an order due very soon to head to Japan.
I felt weak all day so after I brushed all the sheets onto surfaces to dry, I sat down to tackle the horribly clogged bal. Tweezers never work well, so I pulled out the toothbrush that Charity had brought in months ago after she had the job of unclogging the screen. She had thought of it at the dentist's office, I think, and brought a new one for the studio! It works like a dream. Will make this job a lot less tedious and a lot faster. It's kind of like empty nesting without her and Ivey around, but I'll be leaving myself in about a month. Completely unprepared, but trying to take it one day at a time.

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