Monday, August 04, 2014

Still reeling

[Liz and Lynette are testing out Liz's fringe twister (which unleashed a whole day of jokes).] I am not sure how I survived the last several days, or last seven months, or last two years of my life. Velma and I wrapped up a great four-day class at the Morgan, though I felt like a zombie almost the entire time because I am getting so little sleep these days. Too Much Work Of The Wrong Kind: admin, negotiating, sorting out what comes next. Laundry and basic life stuff have fallen by the wayside.

But! It really WAS a wonderful class. We were granted Ideal Student Karma and had an entire class of lovely students. 11 good eggs!! That's not easy to come by. They can tell you all about the class:

Liz blogged and photographed
Jennifer did the same
Velma always does
Lotta was on Instagram
Christine blogged, too

And I know there will be more (I didn't even break it down by days; some of our friends did multiple posts, day by day!).

NOW, after starting the rest of the cleanup, I have to get to saying goodbye to my apprentices. Charity talks about it, in conjunction with the fabulous exhibit we have up. It will be hard, but a good way for me as well to ease out of my own role here and attempt to have a September off. Before I leave for Korea in October!


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you ever rest, even when you plan to? the workshop looks fantastic, thanks for the links, wonderful pictures.

aimee said...

i'm very, very bad at resting. there was a stretch where i tried very hard to take evenings and weekends like 'normal' people, but that habit didn't take. yes! they took some beautiful photos.