Thursday, August 14, 2014

Flower power

Marigold, dahlia, hibiscus on sized gampi (run thru the naginata). Left side has no mordant and right side has alum as a mordant.
Same dyes and positions, on unsized gampi (run thru the Hollander). That weird blue corner is reading a false color from the inadequacies of the phone camera, not what is actually on the paper.
And on unsized Morgan kozo that has been hand picked and beaten. I am so surprised by the dahlias and really love what they are doing on these sheets and on my current test sheet (no pics yet). Makes me want to do dye drawings. Last night, a friend surprised me by stopping by and I showed her some of the books I've been making. I realized that they all originated from my class with Velma, and that there is a LOT of potential, if only I could get to making a thing or two. I'm finally having ideas now that my workload is slightly less insane and less outwardly driven—this is the time I get to process what we've been doing, consider successes and failures, and plan for where this boat sails in the near and far future. So it's appropriate that we are getting sunset colors!

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