Friday, August 29, 2014

On other continents

[I've taken to painting one pinky, just for fun. This was a class sample from I can't remember when: several layers of paper pasted together, scrunched up and dried, dyed with kakishibu. I had the urge yesterday to run the whole thing under the faucet and open it up again.]

Struggling with stress but attempting different priorities: yoga daily, more down time, allowing myself not to work. I keep forgetting to share my sadness at losing another in the paper family. I never had the chance to meet him, but he had reached out to me to try to help promote my book in Turkey. I was shocked to hear we had lost him so soon.

Also, I have been following with deep yearning Joanne Kaar's work. She is so truly rooted in place, culture, and handwork, and does remarkable research as well as artwork and collaborations. I loved one of her recent posts and the red socks linked from her blog. So terribly curious about nalbinding, as we enter this last summer holiday weekend. I hear it will be hot, steamy, and crowded, which is exactly not how I like the climate while teaching. But it will be good to share some papermaking joy to close August.


  1. good to see your energy focused and i wish i could make paper this weekend with you!


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