Saturday, February 22, 2014

South and no snow

Right before I left Ohio, Seth brought over some wood ash that he had been collecting diligently for us. So we made some potion to cook our Morgan kozo, the scraped stuff from the harvest! We'll see how well that goes once it's processed fully for sheet formation. In the meantime, we're doing marvelously with threads, no pellons. It feels good to have trained my people well enough to leave them on their own for a bit.
Here is the Southwest School of Art paper studio entrance. I'm so pleased with this group of students, who all seemed to understand from the start that we were learning to manipulate paper, not make it! My hosts have been wonderfully generous, and I am eating and eating and eating. Well.
I'm exhausted from travel as usual, though happy to be away from the winter for a few days. However, when I teach my brand-new production-only hanji class, it will be HOT and HUMID in Cleveland. Sign up now, because it will be a smaller class than usual.
Did I say I was eating well? The best empanada of my life, easily. Plus horchata, my favorite beverage. Also, another class to look forward to is another brand-new one, team taught with my favorite North Country resident, Velma!

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Velma Bolyard said...

YAY for a good class and for even better FOOD!!!