Monday, February 03, 2014

Real days

I can't believe I didn't think earlier to ask for a better schedule, which means I'm going from 6 days/week to 5 days/week at the Morgan. THANK GOODNESS. Ever since my first job job in Newark, for an orchestra, I've been a big fan of Mondays out of the office. Today was a wonderful luxury after Sunday to myself as well, unheard of in my Cleveland life. I knocked out one big article today, got the assignment for the next (which involves a photographer on site at the Morgan, yikes), and have been glued to my computer, wondering how I went from running around, teaching, and making art 24/7 to ass in chair all day. Last night, I felt crazy because I no longer had the show deadline to make art. My hands were all itchy from wanting to continue making. The challenge will to let them.

For North Carolina folks, Frank's studio is up and running! Here is the info.

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  1. yay, a(n almost) normal work schedule!!!


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